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Technology has Always been Serving the Country Chairman Sun Jin went to Germany to sign a cooperation agreement, and came back with huge success【技术报国永远在路上】孙进董事长赴德国签订合作协议,满载而归!

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In response to the central and national strategic calls to strengthen the “Belt and Road” international cooperation, expand foreign academic exchanges, and accelerate the internationalization of school personnel training, on October 28, 2019, the National May 1st Labor Medal Winner and the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Sun Jin, the standing member of the Jilin Provincial Committee, the winner of the China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award, the executive chairman of the China Shandong Entrepreneurs Association, the vice chairman of the Thai-Chinese Overseas Chinese Merchants Federation, and the chairman of the SJ International Education Group, went to Germany and Germany Tian Xia, general manager of the Culture and Education Company, and Yu Zhenjiang, the vice president, conducted an inspection and exchange together. At the invitation of the Mayor of Idar-Oberstein in Germany and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Germany, the joint development of health and senior care, education cooperation, and talent export And other projects to sign cooperation agreements.


The first stop: SJ International Education Group and the German side jointly develop a cooperative project on senior care and education

On October 28, 2019, Chairman Sun Jin was invited by Mayor Frank of Idar-Oberstein, Germany, and headed a delegation to Idar-Oberstein, Germany, to jointly train professionals and jointly develop senior care. The matter was discussed in depth and a cooperation agreement was signed.


Chairman Sun Jin led a delegation to visit the Rheinland Nursing Home. The president of Rheinland Nursing Home, Christian warmly welcomed the arrival of Chairman Sun Jin. Chairman Sun Jin said that the city of Idar-Oberstein has The nutrition industry has unique resource advantages, and ecological advantages provide natural resources for the development of a health pension industry.


Chairman Sun Jin emphasized that China and Germany are facing the tremendous pressure of aging, and the joint development of health care projects by China and Germany is an important measure to deal with aging. The Group attaches great importance to personnel training and team building in the field of elderly nursing, and the German "dual system" talent training model is also an example that the vocational college has been studying hard. In the process of aging, talents are the key to old-age care services. Therefore, the introduction of professional training systems, training standards, and service standards for senior nursing in Germany will play a role in Chinas response to aging.


 The two sides signed a cooperation agreement. The specific cooperation details of the health and senior care project were determined. At the same time, according to the agreement, the two parties cooperated on the introduction of advanced nursing courses, talent training models, and school-enterprise cooperation.


The second stop: Chairman Sun Jin visited Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany

On October 29, 2019, at the invitation of Trier University of Applied Sciences, Chairman Sun Jin led a delegation to Rheinland to visit Trier University of Applied Sciences Beaconfield campus.


 After the two sides introduced the situation of their respective schools, Chairman Sun Jin said that the high-quality curriculum resources of German vocational education, advanced teaching concepts, and an international talent training system can promote better talent training in schools. It is hoped that through the cooperation with the scientific research and applied talent cultivation of the School of Environmental Protection of Trier University of Applied Sciences, we can learn from its world-leading environmental protection technology and the talent training model and teaching concept of the integration of industry and education to improve the quality of talent training. Under the new normal of Chinas economic development, explore new methods and new paths for modernization, international education and the cultivation of innovative talents.


   Chairman Sun Jin pointed out that from the perspective of the professional settings and school running characteristics of the two sides, he hopes that the two schools will complement each others advantages, discuss together, carry out international education exchanges and study abroad cooperation projects, continue to expand the international education cooperation model, improve the level of running schools, and create international education And brand. The proposal of Chairman Sun Jin was highly recognized by the leaders of the School of Environmental Protection of Trier University of Applied Sciences. The leaders of the School of Environmental Protection of Trier University of Applied Science and Technology solved the problems and solutions in the process of cooperation between Trier University of Applied Sciences and other foreign universities. The plan had a detailed exchange with Chairman Sun Jin. Both parties expressed their willingness to promote cooperation in teacher training exchange and student training between the two schools. SJ International Education Group and the German YundeShengshi International Cultural Education Company in the State Government of Reifa With the support of German universities, the German-Chinese Culture and Education Association will be jointly established to build a better platform for the further development of Sino-German vocational education.


 Subsequently, Chairman Sun Jin and his party visited the campus, classrooms and laboratories. Chairman Sun Jin and his party were deeply impressed by the unique ideas, beautiful campus, clean environment, advanced experimental equipment and teaching concept.


Trier University of Applied Sciences (Trier University of Applied Sciences) is located in Marxs hometown-Trier, Rheinland. The teaching quality of many subjects at Trier University of Applied Sciences is at the worlds leading level and is one of the best universities of applied sciences in Germany. Trier University of Applied Sciences is currently divided into three campuses: Trier, Birkenfield and Idar-Oberstein. The Beaconfield campus is home to the School of Environmental Protection of Trier University of Applied Sciences and is also the international college of the school. It currently has 15,000 students. Due to advanced environmental protection technology and new energy R & D and application technology, 2017 and 2018 won the Top 10 in the World Environmental Protection University for two consecutive years. It is the only university in Germany among the Top 10 and the first zero-emission campus in Germany. The majors of the School of Environmental Protection at Trier University of Applied Sciences include applied computer science, biology, environmental and process engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology, machinery manufacturing, environment and business management.


The third stop: Chairman Sun Jin was invited by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss strategic cooperation

On October 30, 2019, Chairman Sun Jin was invited by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss cooperation. The two sides discussed the joint development of Sino-German international technical talent export.


   Chairman Sun Jin first introduced the groups school running and the development of school-enterprise cooperation to the leaders. The history of the groups vocational education and the experience of school-enterprise cooperation provide help to build a win-win cooperation platform for government, schools and enterprises. School-enterprise cooperation and industry-university integration are the current general direction. Only by adhering to the common goals and ideas can the school-enterprise cooperation be established. Afterwards, there were extensive conversations on talent training and collaboration.


   The leaders of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Saarland spoke highly of SJ International Education Group ’s educational level, educational conditions, and the excellent results achieved by the group in the integration of industry, education, and technical services, and expressed its talents in electronics, electrical and welding. Demand for senior nursing, physiotherapy and other professional talents, I hope to carry out in-depth talent strategic cooperation.


   Subsequently, a signing ceremony was held to determine the specific cooperation details.












    特里尔应用科技大学(Trier University of Applied Sciences)坐落于马克思故乡——莱法州特里尔市。特里尔应用科技大学许多学科教学质量处于世界领先水平,是德国最好的应用科技大学之一。特里尔应用科技大学现分为特里尔、比肯菲尔德、伊达尔—奥伯斯泰因三个校区。比肯菲尔德校区是特里尔应用科技大学环保学院所在地,也是该校国际学院,目前在校生15000人。由于环保技术和新能源研发应用技术先进,2017和2018连续两年在世界环保大学评比中获得Top 10,是德国在Top 10中唯一一所大学,也是德国第一家零排放校园。特里尔应用科技大学环保学院主要专业包括应用计算机科学、生物、环境和过程工程、生物技术及制药技术、机械制造、环境与企业管理等。






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